We are developing and manufacturing exclusively solar thermal absorbers.DSC02211

Our laser welding process, self-developed, is setting the standard in our industry.

Absorber plate is  aluminium or copper and full surface or strips.

Coating options

  • Blue highly selective surface, for highest efficiency
  • Newly Developed Blue highly selective succeeding lower stagnation temperature
  • Black semiselective coating outperforming any typical black painted

All surfaces come with protection film, keeping coating intact till integration in the collector frame.

Hydraulic layout can be harp type or meander. Vertical or horizontal profile.

Header tubes are usually 22mm or 18mm and risers 8mm or 15mm.CODELCO

Outlet options are:

  • plain copper tube  
  •  formed outlet
  •  bronze fittings

Our product range is including fins up to 6 meter long with 8mm or 15mm tube.

Each absorber is tested for pressure resistance and pressure tightness at 15 bar (1500 kPa).