by Innovation


  • solar thermal absorbers
  • heat exchangers for space heating and cooling


  • Developing and optimizing production methods
  • Design and Development of new products


  • Providing consulting, studies and research and services for the development and production of energy systems

With more than 40 years of experience and international success, we pursue innovation and technology in the production processes

We believe in co-operation! And we follow this notion for the company itself, which remains extroverted and relies on continuous research and cutting-edge innovation, in the following framework:

  • We are constantly investing in technology & innovation to support our competitive position.
  • We use technology to improve the production process and ensure high quality products.
  • We invest in the development and of a reliable and dynamic value chain.

Laser welding

An important advantage of Prime Laser Technology is the know-how and the use of laser technology for the industrial production of solar thermal absorbers.

Many times innovation alone is not capable of leading to growth if it is not based on absolute knowledge!

The solar thermal absorbers produced by Prime Laser Technology by using the latest laser technology, are addressed to manufacturers of solar systems worldwide (B2B).
Our exports (direct and indirect) include countries such as Germany, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Israel, Malaysia, Portugal, UK, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, USA and Latin America.

Development Strategy

At Prime Laser Technology we base our development on two central axes:

  • Development and continuous improvement of the production methods we use in the manufacturing process of the company
  • Design and development of new innovative products, for the markets of solar thermal systems and of space cooling / heating.

We passionately rely on the above axes and believe in the use of Laser technology as a basic technology.

Thus, our future course has all the modern conditions to increase both the value of the company by increasing our know-how and patent applications as well as its competitiveness in the international market.

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