• Online quality control using photonic sensors and devices.
  • Automation and digitization of the production process aiming to flexible production, "smart" product repair and" smart "system / machine maintenance.
  • Reduce energy consumption by using advanced laser sources.
  • Application of a new methodology for laser welding to achieve higher throughput production.


  • Development and certification of laser welded heat exchangers for space heating / cooling (application of European Patent EP1550834).
  • Laser welding of glass with metal and application in various areas such as:
    1. Improving the efficiency and operating time of evacuated tube collectors.
    2. The development of flat plate evacuated collectors.
  • The development of architectural elements of building facades
  • Development of a photon temperature / pressure sensor for "smart" solar thermal systems.
  • Development of hybrid photovoltaic / solar thermal collector (PVT solar collector), for cogeneration of electricity and heat.
  • Ανάπτυξη προκατασκευασμένων ηλιακών-αρχιτεκτονικών στοιχείων προσόψεων (solar-architectural façade elements) για την ενεργειακή αναβάθμιση κτιρίων.
  • Development of prefabricated solar-architectural facade elements for the energy upgrade of buildings.
  • Development and certification of laser welded elements for space cooling / heating and use in the construction of buildings.
  • Development and use of alternative fluids using nanotechnology, improving heat transfer efficiency of heat exchangers (solar thermal absorbers, space cooling / heating ellements).
  • Development and construction of intelligent integrated devices for the "digitalization" of solar water heaters. Remote control and management, operation data collection, smart metering.

The above interests of the company for research and innovation, both in the production process and in the development of new products, provide the framework for cooperation with other organizations (companies and technology providers) as well as for the elaboration of diploma theses either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.